The best selected and perfectly cleaned olives arrive to be milled: this is the first real phase of oil extraction. Through latest generation techniques and machinery, the olives are subjected to mechanical actions that cause the rupture of the cell wall, which starts the flow of the oil which we promptly collect and carry to the next phase of work. Speed and cleanliness are two of the essential variables involved in our production process, our primary objective is at the forefront of our mind: to produce a superior quality olive oil.

Large capacities of storage

The journey of the olives is followed and controlled up to the final stages of storage and bottling. Air, light, humidity and temperature are the factors that we control during the storage phase, we store the oil inside tanks that allow it to breathe, avoiding the danger of heating which would significantly alter the quality of the final product.

A line of bottling for large volumes

We are proud of our bottling line which is capable of achieving an excellent level of performance and satisfying the production of large volumes of oil. This is why we are able to offer the possibility of bottling oil on behalf of third parties, to those companies that wish to have a quality product with their own label. Our oil is a treasure to be kept in glass and we do this with attention to the smallest details.

Automated warehouse

We always move with the times, which is why we have developed a robotic automated warehouse which allows us to fluidly manage spaces, significantly reduce order processing times, improve our operational performance, as well as streamlining intralogistic processes. with the ultimate aim of satisfying the demands of the end customer.